Smart Charts for Smart presenters...and for FREE!


Oomfo is a simple yet powerful PowerPoint add-in that gives you the power to revolutionize the way you present data.

Oomfo, a simple plugin for Microsoft PowerPoint, helps you create delightful charts in your presentations that stand out from the crowd. Bringing in all the functionality of the FusionCharts Suite XT to PowerPoint, this plugin has been designed keeping in mind the needs of the business user. Using its simple wizard-based interface, you can create charts ranging from the basic bar and column charts to the advanced Waterfall and Marimekko charts and that too without writing a single line of code! DIY can't get any simpler!

Special Charts for special needs

Oomfo helps you create specialized charts like Waterfall, Pareto, Marimekko, Funnel and Pyramid. Yes, you guessed it right- you cannot get these charts using PowerPoint alone!

Connects to Excel and even live data

Oomfo saves you from the drudgery of copy-pasting data from huge files. It can connect to multiple Excel files, during the presentation, to pull live data and display them as charts. Not only that, it also connects to live data sources like SalesForce, Google Docs, Google Analytics, Twitter Analytics as well as your own back-end systems.

Animated, Customizable and Interactive

At FusionCharts, we eat, sleep and drink 'Data to delight…in minutes'. With a wide range of tools like scroll, zoom and chart cosmetics, you can actually make your data do the talking (dancing or singing) for you.

Easy, Simple and Smart

Oomfo = Rocket Science... NO!  It's easy to install, simple to use and makes your PowerPoint presentations look smarter than before.

It's completely FREE

Without any catch! .... It doesn't cost you anything to use Oomfo. We want you to experience the FusionCharts delight in your presentations and when you want the same delight in your web, enterprise and mobile apps, we save you the trouble of looking beyond FusionCharts Suite XT.

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