Questions you wanted to ask but didn't...here are our answers anyways.

  1. Why Oomfo?

    PowerPoint® charts are not only boring, but also lack the smartness quotient. No matter how hard you try, boring could never become beautiful. Oomfo bridges the missing link - real oomph at rapid pace.

    Oomfo's simple, do-it-yourself GUI enables you to transform mundane data into stunning visualizations that are animated, interactive and super smart. Connect to multiple Excel files or plug onto data from the cloud, data to delight within your presentations are just minutes away.

  2. What's with the name Oomfo?

    What we would like to say: Oomfo makes boring beautiful. It adds some real oomph to your presentations, and hence the name fits in perfectly.

    What the truth is: It is a 5-letter word which had a .com domain available and felt kind of good when rolled off the tongue.

  3. What versions of Microsoft® PowerPoint® does Oomfo work with?

    Microsoft® Office® 2003, 2007 and 2010 (32 Bit only) and 2013 (32 Bit only). However, previous versions of PowerPoint (XP and earlier) are not supported.

  4. The charts look neat. Where do they come from?

    Oomfo is a FusionCharts product. That's where all the charts come from.

  5. How much does Oomfo cost?

    A million bucks! Chill…Oomfo is absolutely FREE. Yes, Zilch….. And if you are wondering, what is the catch? None!

    We want you to experience the delight of FusionCharts Suite XT within your favorite presentation app. And when you want to extend that delight across your web, enterprise and mobile apps, we don’t want you to look beyond us.

  6. Do I need anything special to view the charts?

    Oomfo requires Adobe Flash Player 8 (or above) to view the charts. The player is totally free and is present on a vast majority of computers worldwide. During installation, Oomfo automatically checks for the existence of Flash Player and installs it.

  7. I want to mail a presentation with the charts in them to my friend. Can I do it?

    Yes. Oomfo has Export capabilities that allow you to convert all Oomfo objects to standard SWF objects that can be viewed by everyone. Before sending a presentation to your friend, click the "Export Charts" button in the Oomfo menu/ribbon. This will generate another folder containing all the chart SWF files in the same location as your PPT file. Send both the PPT and the folder to your friend, and he will see the charts exactly the way you made them.

  8. I'm facing issues with installation/core functionality. How can I get support?

    Please mail us at [email protected].

  9. I would like to suggest an improvement/feature. How can I do it?

    Please send them to [email protected]. We would like to thank you in advance for doing so.

  10. What is the roadmap for future versions of Oomfo?

    Over the next few versions, we intend to:

    • Support drill-down in charts, live within PowerPoint. You will be able to show a summarized chart to start with, which when clicked can show detailed charts.
    • Add maps from FusionMaps XT to Oomfo. You can then create interactive data-driven maps within PowerPoint supporting most of the features from our FusionMaps XT.
    • Add more dashboard chart types in form of gauges, bullet and spark graphs from FusionWidgets XT.

  11. You guys are cool. How can I show you some love?

    In writing, preferably.

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