Why Oomfo?

PowerPoint charts are not only boring, but also lack the smartness quotient. No matter how hard you try, boring could never become beautiful. Oomfo bridges the missing link–real oomph at rapid pace.

Oomfo's simple, do-it-yourself GUI enables you to transform mundane data into stunning visualizations that are animated, interactive and super smart. Connect to multiple Excel files or plug onto data from the cloud, data to delight within your presentations are just minutes away.

Powered by FusionCharts

From the FusionCharts stable, Oomfo is the result of our continuing quest to simplify and enhance data visualization.

If you haven't heard of FusionCharts, here's some blurb on it–FusionCharts is the industry leader in data visualization components. Its flagship offering–FusionCharts Suite XT is used by over 21,000 customers and 450,000 developers in 118 countries to add delight to their web, enterprise and mobile apps. From the hottest start-up's to more than 80% of Fortune 500 organizations trust and use FusionCharts Suite XT. Know more

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